New! 10.5 DM & Trailing Shoe Applicator

The new DM 10.5m Band Spreader is close coupled to the tanker without the need for special bracketry resulting in a lightweight solution. The Band Spreader is carried on the tanker chassis independent of back door. The DM 10.5m Band Spreader has proven to reduce the infield slurry spreading time by up to 35% compared to narrower slurry applicators and is ideally suited to large operators and contractors. The extended boom tips are hydraulic folding, which add the benefit of a break back system should the booms be positioned too close to field or paddock boundaries. 1. 5m folding tips, which are inclined inward, to create a compact machine behind the transporting tanker.

The new 10.5m Trailing Shoe reduces in field compaction while accurately placing nutrients precisely on the crop. The 10.5m Trailing Shoe is fitted with a Vogelsang macerator, evenly distributing the slurry over each of its outlets at 250mm spacings. All outlet pipes are fitted with steel wear points and rubber outlets feeding slurry in even lines behind the Trailing Shoe. These are independently sprung to ensure consistent soil contact. The machine folds into a neat transportable solution on the tanker. This model is now at the final stages of development and will be introduced to the market later this year.